Invest in your literary career with one of the following options:

Query Letter Editing:

The query letter for your book must shine, otherwise, the odds of an agent or editor asking to see more of your writing are almost nil.  You have just one chance at this publishing professional and only about 200 words to describe your book and yourself in an irresistible way.  Make the most of this opportunity by investing in SJLS’s comprehensive editing accompanied by recommendations for improvement.

Rate:  $100

Novel Submission Package Editing

While some agents and editors only want a query letter, others also want a synopsis and the first five pages of your completed novel.  Within one to two pages, your synopsis must summarize the book’s main characters, overall plot, and conclusion.  It needs to be compelling enough to prompt industry professionals to also read the first five double-spaced pages of your manuscript.  It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of these first pages.  They represent every aspect of your ability to compose a marketable novel.  They, your query letter, and synopsis must be as flawless as possible to result in positive responses.  An investment in SJLS’s comprehensive editing services and recommendations for improvement will help give your fiction submission package the edge it needs.

Rate:  $300

Basic Copyediting:

An excellent alternative if you are only interested in line edits to help with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other building blocks of composition.

Rate:  $10 per double-spaced page.  $100 minimum.

Comprehensive editing:

In addition to basic copyediting, this investment choice addresses more complex issues such as conciseness, clarity, and cohesiveness. For example, is there too much information or not enough for the reader to understand what is going on and why?  Do scenes flow in a logical manner or bounce around in an irritating way?  Does the dialogue advance the story or impede it?  An investment in this option offers guidance to strengthen the structural elements of your manuscript.

Rate:  $15 per double-spaced page.  $150 minimum

Novel Evaluation:

An overall assessment of your novel’s strengths and weaknesses related to the key components of fiction:  character, plot, point-of-view, dialogue, setting, pace, and tone.  It will identify what is making your manuscript come together or fall apart.  More importantly, this eight to ten-page (single-spaced) evaluation will include detailed recommendations about how to build upon the manuscript’s strengths and eliminate its weaknesses.

Rate:  $999 for up to 300 double-spaced pages; $4 per page beyond.

Novel Best Value Package:

This cost-effective investment option combines all the services listed above to give your novel its strongest potential for success in the publishing world.  Line edits will provide clear direction on how to solve issues with general composition such as grammar and punctuation in addition to more complex ones like character development and narrative arc.  These edits will add insight to the overall evaluation of the manuscript’s strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement, and recommendations for how to make those improvements.

The inclusion of novel submission package editing makes it possible for each significant contact you have with agents and editors—from the initial query letter to the complete manuscript—to be as impressive as possible.

An added benefit is receiving a 30-minute coaching and consultation session to provide more guidance on how to improve your novel, market it effectively, and advance your literary career.

Rate:  $2999 for up to 300 double-spaced pages.  $5 per page beyond.

Nonfiction Book Proposal Editing:

While it is slightly easier to break into publishing with nonfiction than fiction, it requires a book proposal that is honed expertly enough to convince an editor to buy your book based upon your idea for it and your credentials to write it.  The typical publisher only allows you about 50 double spaced pages to show how well you can compose a table of contents, overview, market analysis, author’s credentials, promotional strategies, and sample chapter.  Improve your odds at getting a non-fiction book deal by investing in a comprehensive edit of your proposal that will include suggestions for improvement.

Rate:  $499 for up to 50 double-spaced pages.  $4 per page beyond.

Completion dates will be based upon the length of your submission.  After requesting a free quote (see Contact Page), you will receive an estimated completion date along with other information.